Special Zoo Day

G has done a generous amount of babysitting during her stay with us this week!

Yesterday, she kept the littlest munchkin, so that I could take the big munchkin to the zoo.

I kept calling it our special zoo day together. Just momma and big sister. It brought back lots of fondness for the time when it was just the two of us every day.

This must not be misunderstood. I adore brother bear. He lights up our world. But there is something indescribable I will always share with E. My firstborn love.She charted our course.We discovered parts of the zoo we had never explored before.Including this slide of doom. This is right before I accept my ‘mother of the year’ award as my child flew down the fastest slide ever made and face planted. Probably should have tried to catch her instead of photograph her.We did the zoo right. Train love aboundeth.And lots of goat love as well.“He-yo, goat!”And a carousel ride.

I love spending time with each of my children individually. It’s something I want to prioritize, because I think it invites an opportunity to focus.

‘Being present’ is a bit of a catch phrase I’ve heard floating around alot recently. I think that is because it is something we all crave, and it’s something that’s hard to achieve. But I do think it’s important.

I felt totally engaged at the zoo with her that day. I was able to soak up all of her 2 year-old-ness in every good way, and I think she soaked up the quality time as well.

We were driving around today, and from the back seat I hear,

“Remember our special zoo day, Momma? That was such a fun day.”

Me: “I do remember. I had a great time with you. You are such a fun girl.

“I am a fun girl, Momma.”  🙂

One thought on “Special Zoo Day

  1. She is a fun girl! Probably because she has a fun Momma! Love that y’all got some quality time together. Without seeming comment excessive, I also really enjoyed your last post. I love hearing your heart for your children. They are blessed to call you and Rob, Mom and Dad!

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