My dear baby boy,

There is so much that I want for you as I think about how much of life is before you. I want deep, rich, heart changing things for you.

I want you to love justice and mercy so fiercely that it moves you to act. I pray that you will let go of the things of this world. Hold loosely the temporary things and cling tightly to the arms of Jesus.

I pray that you will have a decided heart. That you will hold fast to your commitments and uphold your vows. That you will be faithful.I pray you will know joy. True, full, abiding joy. A contentment that is separate from circumstance.I pray that you will be confident and bold with the gifts the Lord gives you and equally humble knowing that every good gift is only from the Giver.I want you to know that your family loves you. You have grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins who have rejoiced over your life and prayed for your heart.Godly men have gone before you and will walk with you to encourage and to lead.And I want you to know I am here. Here to comfort you and to rejoice with you and to cheer you on. Your daddy and I want to show you with our lives what it means to fear the Lord, to love Jesus, and to live in the Spirit. May His love spill over into your heart every day. I love you, precious boy.

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