Brother Bear’s Baptism

*Baptism is a beautiful picture of God’s faithfulness throughout the generations. Today’s post is written by a man with whom BB shares his name and hopefully, because of God’s loving grace, one day his faith. All photos and words courtesy of GPoppa.*

I am GPoppa to Brother Bear and the Bug;  G and I got to come to visit this weekend for BB’s baptism and to see his Mom and Dad.  I asked if I could be a guest blogger.

Baptism is a major sacrament of Christianity.  In our faith, this includes infant baptism.  We view this as a sign of the covenant that God gave to Abraham.  In the Old Testament, this sign was circumcision and in the New Testament, the sign is baptism.  We don’t believe that he was ‘saved’ this morning but that he now is a covenant child and counted in the people of God.  We pray that he will look to and trust in Jesus as he grows up.  If this is confusing to the reader, Brother Bear’s uncle, Dr. Uncle Bear, can tell you more.

Time to get ready…

with his Daddy’s baptism outfit

Then it’s off to church

Brother Bear, his sister and his parents were introduced to the church and after his Mom and Dad promised to bring him up in faith as taught in the Bible and to pray with and for him, he was introduced to the Pastor.

He was a bit curious about this strange hand on his beautiful locks but he tolerated it.

for a while (a bit fuzzy)…

After church, it was time to visit for a while…

and to grin…

…and go outside to the beautiful day 

and then go home for lunch.  Some was prepared the night before by Mom and Dad and G while I, GPoppa, snapped photos.  Anyone know what these are?

Cake Pops!   and a few more shots to show I can take photos to look like the ones my 3 daughter bloggers post

Cake Pops were a new culinary device to me…

They are delicious and probably low calorie if you eat just one…

Well, maybe two

And they were new to Peter Rabbit.

Lunch was served with Orzo salad

Hot Corn dip

and ‘Sandwich Sushi’

And made pretty with fresh flowers on the table

…and, of course, Cake Pops

Photos in the yard ended the occasion.

G found and we brought Brother Bear this New Testament that was given to me in the ‘Cradle Roll’ when I was his same age.

The date was June 1952 and was inscribed with the name we share in common.  It is my prayer that my sweet grandson namesake and my other five grandchildren will never remember a day in which they didn’t know, love and trust Jesus.


7 thoughts on “Brother Bear’s Baptism

  1. what a TREAT! Who knew that I was going to sit down to drink my coffee on this lovely Monday morning and find a beautiful post about Brother Bear’s baptism in my reader!???! The very next day! So timely! Written by his grandfather, no less! I love the post, love the photos, and most of all–love the cute little baptizee. (I don’t think that’s a word…how about “the one who was baptized.”)

    A few thoughts:
    *love that BB got to wear his daddy’s outfit. very special!
    *also love that BB now has his grandfather’s Bible. Same name! I love that heritage.
    *Allison, I love your dress!
    *Another great part of this post is the cake pop commentary. Dad, your pictures are really good! The best photo/caption combo is “And they were new to Peter Rabbit.” ha! I died laughing. Way to incorporate elements from your environment, Dad.

    Brother Bear, you are precious and I love you! So glad I got to see snapshots of your actual baptism at the church. What a very special day!! xoxo Aunt Sugar

  2. p.s. I see a Doctor Dan book in the background, too. One of Gpoppa’s childhood favorites, right? At least I know an old copy used to live at Momma Frances’s house years ago….

    I love y’all–wish I could pop over to say hello this a.m. and hang out for a bit! (that would be awesome.)

  3. What a special day! I love that Brother bear got to wear Rob’s outfit. Both kids look precious! Also love G Poppa’s take on the day. Cracked up during the cake pop part!

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