The deep end

I have had so much on my mind recently. I’m so extremely burdened by the brokenness of this world, aching to understand more about our calling as a family, and wondering if most of the christian community in our country is missing the point of digging deep into the heart of Christ and following Jesus anywhere and giving Him anything.

I am constantly dragging Rob to the deep end with me. Asking him to tread water there forever as I try to explain the racing thoughts of my stay-at-home-mom mind.

I love love love a good conversation about our calling to social justice or what it looks like to really teach our children about Jesus or letting go of the “American dream.”

But I’ve found myself recently with this identity crisis, because alongside those weighty thoughts and dreams is the side of me that can’t wait to watch Beverly Hills Nannies after I put my kids to bed. The side of me that can not get enough Miranda Lambert songs right now. The side of me that craves an eyebrow wax and a margarita. The side that has to hang out in the shallow end sometimes!

Today I woke up to a hilarious blog post from my favorite author/blogger, Jen Hatmaker. And I loved how she was so honest about this very coexistence! I loved the post and wanted to share it. So click on over and check it. And if you’re ready for a swim in the deep end, be sure to also check out her book Seven. If you’ve followed my blog for more than two seconds, then you know I’m obsessed.

I’ll leave you with Brother Bear and his indoor baby pool. Such an awesome play pen for a new sitter.


One thought on “The deep end

  1. I agree!! And often have the same thoughts so feel free to call me and we can dive in to deep thoughts together. I bought the book Seven to read! Love to you all and I love the little guy sitting in the baby pool!!

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