The last bits of summer

Summer is wrapping up, and we are squeezing out the last bits of warm weather.

Susu has been here helping us get back on our feet. I needed her visit. Oh, how I needed this visit. There are times in life when you just need your momma.

When she got here I was buried deep in a mountain of dirty laundry, dirty dishes, toys, and stress. She dug me out! I can breathe again. She has done all, and I mean all, of our laundry. Probably 12 loads. She washed all our sheets, cleaned out my fridge and pantry, washed dishes, took us out to eat, helped me make a huge grocery run, and all while helping feed babies, changing diapers, and entertaining E. But most off all, she has been an incredible encouragement and support in the midst of the Lymey lyme.

We have left the house to do a few fun things too.The farmers’ market is without a doubt my favorite thing about summer. There are many to choose from around these parts. People here are very green and organic and natural and into buying local. I am beginning to understand the value of these things more and more, and the farmers’ market is a fun, easy way to have fresh, affordable produce while supporting local farmers. I heart it.

I have landed on one in particular that is my absolute fave. The produce is amazing, and local restaurants have stands lining the street too. There are tents for smoothies, fresh bread, hummus, hot dogs, bbq, kabobs, and THE best lump crab cake you will eat on the east coast. I am obsessed. And it is $5. five.dollars. Can you even get a Wendy’s burger for that??I don’t have a picture of the crab cake. Come visit, and you can have one in person.

Tomorrow we say goodbye to Susu and goodbye to August. I wanted to give EBug a last little piece of fun in the sun, so I busted out the baby pools. Brother Bear was watching the fun from his perch in the sink.Of course Susu was bathing him. I couldn’t get her to rest!Long hours of daylight also make this time of year special.

We love being out on our deck in the summer evenings. This one’s a blur, but I love it anyway. Sweetest daddy ever.

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