Nature Girl

Kids love to be outside. They just do. We would probably spend all our days in the great outdoors if the adult in charge didn’t get too hot, too cold, or too sick of mosquitos.Today I took my girl to a nearby nature center to explore. It was 76 degrees this morning, so doing something outside was important. I packed a picnic, loaded up her little side kick, and we were off.This place was so fun for EBug. There were indoor exhibits, trails, gardens, and a really cool outdoor classroom.There she goes with her little map.

One of the best parts about this place-free. I love awesome free things. I do not mind paying for awesome things, but free is just better. Full enjoyment with lots of plans to go back!She made a new (chatty!) friend who was eager to impart her turtle knowledge to E.I love assessing a place through the lens of my toddler. It’s funny how this little nature center was not wildly impressive or grand or glitzy. It was a simple building with a few animals and the invitation of the outdoors, but it was paradise to her. And I knew the moment we walked in that she would love it. And it made me love it. Every flower, every bird, every wooden block was a new adventure awaiting her, and it made me excited.

Having a child is like experiencing the world all over again. You see things differently, and you require less.Of course she found the sand.We had some more outdoor time once we got home, and this is the moment she insisted she did not need to potty. Why do kids do that?! They do not want to stop playing to potty.

Potty training update: The girl is fully trained and even used a public restroom at the nature center today. I am so proud of her! And relieved that I don’t have to take froggy everywhere now!

5 thoughts on “Nature Girl

  1. Would love to be there to share the outdoors with E. Remember wishing I lived next door, where the Dr. & wife had a summer house in their back yard & they ate & slept out there! They didn’t have to go in when their Daddy whistled his own unique whistle that said “don’t amble–RUN

  2. *I love the messy buns. So cute.

    *I totally relate to what you’re saying about seeing the world through the eyes of your child. In some ways I feel like I saw the beauty of a tree blooming, a flower blossoming, how cool a pine cone is, etc fort the FIRST time when I was showing these things to my babies as a new mama. I thought to myself more than once, “why have I not noticed how cool this is before now…?” I have friends who’ve always been really “tuned in” to God’s creation…appreciating the beauty in creation all their lives. But for me, I feel like I spent most of my young (pre-mother) life with my nose in a book, determined to make an A on the next test. Then….I had kids and woke up to how beautiful the world is all around me! Nice feeling to want to slow down and smell the roses & enjoy the simple pleasures God’s given us.

  3. Loving E’s cute hair-do in these pics!! I’m with you, free is always good 🙂 We have found a place that contains incredible gardens to explore with book themes thrown in as well. I have a hope it will become one of our favorite places!! Should you ever make it our way, we will be sure to take you!! Congrats on the fully potty trained success!! That’s another amazing freedom!! Much love, Debra

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