Seven Sweet Months

I’m feeling a bit more “where did the time go?” this month!

Brother Bear’s sweetness grows exponentially every single day. Here are a few highlights:

Skills: sitting up like a champ, wanting to crawl, chewing everything

Loves: flapping, smiling, squealing, watching E, bouncing in the bouncer, playing “boom!” with his daddy

                “Can you give Bud a hug?”


6:45 or 7 He awakes and gets a bottle (7oz)

7:30 Breakfast-baby food time. Fruit and rice cereal.

7:40-9 Play, bounce, chew

9-10:30 Nap it out

10:30 Bottle #2

11:00 Lunch-fruit or veggie. The boy will eat an.y.thing. Then more play time.

12:30-1:30 or 2 Nap it out

2:30 Bottle #3 and then play

3:30-4:15 Last short nap

5:15 Dinner-bf

6:30 Bottle #4

7:00 Rock, sing, cuddle, lights out, sleeps all night like a little angel

All these times are approximate. Just a slice of a possible day.I love his schedule right now. It allows for me to shower (should I choose to) and get ready for the day during his first nap, while EBug plays games or has room time. Then we usually have time for an outing before lunch. In the afternoons I can sometimes, if I’m lucky, get their naps to overlap a smidge. Then we usually have popsicles and play outside, once they are both up, until dinner time. While he takes his last little nap I can start to prepare dinner. It’s perf.

He loves to grab my face, nuzzle into my neck, and pull my hair.

The separation anxiety has hit, and he is definitely most content when I am holding him or at least in his line of vision. Such a bittersweet thing. I love that he is comforted by his momma, but my arms may just fall off.

We love you, Bud Bud. You are such a joy and growing to be a big, sweet boy!

3 thoughts on “Seven Sweet Months

  1. love him! I love his smile. Al, I like it that you do these posts so I can know what little brother bear is up to these days. Love you little man! xoxo aunt sugar

  2. Love Brother Bear’s sweet smiles!! And I can completely understand your victories of an good, for-the-most-part, this is what our day looks like schedule!! There is such freedom in a routine, sometimes!! Such cuties!! Much love, Debra

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