Sweet Words and Story Stones

This girl says the funniest and sweetest things. And there are a few quotes that make it to the fridge:

“New Baby is a sister and me is a sister. Isn’t it so fun being sisters!”

“One day Moses had a little baby boy and he named him Wi-da.”

“Do you want daddy to turn off the rain!”

“I was wrong about mommy.” What does this mean??

We have to try again obeying.”

“We do not jerk things from Bud.”

“My bottom just had a little burp.”

“Stop singing, Mommy.”

And my new favorite:

I don’t have to.”  We’re working on this one.

“You want mommy to give you two kisses. You want mommy to give you three kisses. You want mommy to give you seventy kisses!”

I love hearing the things she says. She is a sweet, little pea.

And now for the story stones. These things are cool. Story stones are all over pinterest.

These are a few of my attempts. I am obviously not an artist, but they were fun to make and EBug loves them. I just leave them on the coffee table and she’ll go grab a few and start making up a little story.

So next I decided to make some using the characters from my new obsession:

This book is a precious story of bravery and friendship, and I love it. And I truly don’t mind reading it to her 800 times a day. So I made some story stones for Bitsy and the Bear, and I was curious to see if she could use them to retell the story.

I love hearing her version of the story. She always highlights the same parts!

“And then Bitsy sang a hopeful song.”

I may not be able to take this book back to the library. So cute.

If you want to make story stones for your toddler, they are really easy and cheap. I got acrylic paints off amazon for like $4 and stones are free 😉

4 thoughts on “Sweet Words and Story Stones

  1. I loved the quotes – the one about the rain was priceless. And I loved the picture of Brother Bear smiling! He will probably keep smiling, even if he has things jerked away from him. 🙂

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