Feed the Need

So I’ve decided to do a little post on taking food to new mommas.

First of all, just do it. When an opportunity arises to take food to a friend/relative/acquaintance who has just pushed a baby into this world, try to put aside your schedule concerns, budget concerns, whatever hinders and just take the woman some food!

I have never been as hungry as I was in the weeks following the births of my two bugs. It’s insane. You are literally starving all the time. Feeding this need is a help and a blessing that mommas never, ever forget.

Once you have decided to serve in this way, I have a few suggestions for making this gift of food super easy on the new mom.

#1 Always, always, always take the food in disposable containers. It is SO hard to keep track of people’s dishes when you are getting multiple meals a week. It is so easy and cheap to buy aluminum pans or send plastic tupperware that you don’t care about getting back. This idea didn’t even occur to me until my friend, Katie, brought me dinner in all disposables after I had EBug. Genius.

#2  Show up when you said you would show up. My less-than-laid-back side has appeared since becoming a mom, and especially in the newborn days I get easily overwhelmed. If someone said they would bring food at 5:30, I would try to plan nursing around that time. That way when they came I would be ready, and they could see/hold the baby.

#3 Don’t stay too long. New mommas are exhausted. All the time. I was always so relieved when people would say, “I’m just gonna stick this in your fridge and then I’ve got to get going.”

*Very important note: #3 does not apply if this is one of your good friends! If the new momma is one of your nearest and dearest, then they most likely really do want you to stay, so they can tell you every single detail of the delivery and get you to hold their precious bundle and give their arms a rest.

My favorite meal to take people is the Pioneer Woman’s meatballs. So delicious. She mentions this meal being particularly satisfying to nursing moms, and it has been my go to meal ever since.

I usually take mashed potatoes with it, but most recently I sent corn.

Because fresh, sweet corn should be eaten every day in the summer. It just should.

So the real reason I wanted to write this post was to show off this work of sewing genius.

This is the casserole warmer/carrier that my sister made for me! Isn’t it a beauty.

She let me choose two fabrics and then whipped it up for me! I am so in love with it. I’m gonna start carrying everything in it, diapers, keys, lip gloss…everything.

She is talking about possibly starting an etsy shop to sell her flawless products. I will alert my faithful readers should this occur. Thank you, Ab!

But don’t feel bad if you don’t have a beautiful carrier such as this. You can still take new mommas food, and they will love you forever and ever and always. And you can forget all my rules and just take them Pei Wei, and they’ll probably be equally as thankful 🙂

*Special thanks to all the wonderful people who brought me food when I had EBug and when I had Brother Bear! I will never forget. Seriously, I could list off every person. The gratitude runs deep.

4 thoughts on “Feed the Need

  1. Taking food to new parents is not a concept here. NOT A CONCEPT! There are a lot of perks to having a baby in a place with an extensive social welfare system and a low birth rate. But still, I am shocked that new parents are on their own for feeding themselves.

  2. I loved the line, “You could take them Pei Wei and they would be equally grateful!” It’s true. And the casserole carrier IS beautiful.

  3. Thanks so much for the shout out, Sis! I am glad you have already put your carrier to use! And My favorite of your rules is “show up when you say your are going to be there”. I am proud to say the last time I delivered a meal I was knocking on the door at the exact time I said I would be there. You have taught me much!!

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