No turning back, no turning back

The time has come to roll up the rugs and bust out the froggy potty.

EBug has been showing the signs of readiness for potty training for about 6 months now.

But that was right around the time Brother Bear was born, so I put it off for awhile. Not to mention I was completely freaked to start the whole process.

So I started talking to my wise sis-in-law, Abbie, and picked her brain about all the things she did with her two when potty training them. Then I read and read and read on the internet about ideas and approaches and made my game plan.

Step 1 of my plan was to pick a start date and get her super pumped about it. Oh my word you would have thought “Big Girl Potty Day” was her birthday. She was so so excited. We showed her the new big girl undies she would get to wear and the froggy potty and told her, “On Big Girl Potty Day you won’t wear diapers anymore, just your big girl undies.”

Step 2 stock up on salty snacks and liquids.

Husband Daddy Man was in charge of the Target run for potty day supplies. He came home with the whole place! Tons of snacks, special drinks, potty options, and toys. Even a toy for Brother so he didn’t feel left out.

So our plan has been to go all in. No more dipes. at all. ever. So at nap time, night time, all day long she is in undies. I think this has been a crucial part of the process. Consistency is huge for kids, and she knows now that those diapers aren’t coming back.

Step 3 Help her to realize where to potty. It really only took one time of her going on the floor for her to realize this wasn’t a good plan. A key strategy for us was to use Curious George as a training tool. So George has been learning to use the potty too. Instead of having to tell her multiple times that the floor was the wrong place to go potty and make her feel any sort of shame, we pretended that George was playing and then accidentally went pee pee on the floor. “No, no, George! We do NOT go potty on the floor.” Then we pretended he realized he needed to use the bathroom and ran to the froggy potty, “Way to go, George!! That was so good that you stopped playing and went to use the potty when you needed to.”

Step 4 Help her to recognize the feeling that you get right before you need to go. This is a little harder than helping a child realize where to go, but so far it has gone really well. We have talked about it alot and got an Elmo potty book at the library that has maybe helped.

I have her try to potty multiple times a day, but the girl can hold it! She has an incredible bladder. 6 hours yesterday without peeing! I can’t even do that. She has woken up dry from naps and night time everyday. She had been doing this for a while though. It was one way I knew she was ready.

So we have been staying home and focusing on PT, but today I HAD to get us out of the house. So Brother Bear woke up from his nap, and I knew EBug hadn’t gone in a while, but it was either potty-on-the-go or nap-on-the-go. This was an obvious decision. Potty wherever you want, kids, but you will sleep in your beds!

So we headed off to feed the ducks. This is one of E’s favorite things in this whole wide world. So of course she was so jazzy that she did not even notice the pee pee running down her leg as she threw bread for those ducks. Oh well, I had a change of clothes for her. That is why I chose an outdoor activity!

We found a beautiful neighborhood with beautiful ponds full of beautiful fish and ducks.

Brother has been hugely supportive through this whole thing.

Hey! That’s for the ducks.

That face! So smooshy and kissable.

Matching frowns.

So in summary, E has been a dream to potty train. Very few accidents. Lots of successes. She has spoiled me. I’m proud of you, my smart, sweet girl.

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