Beachin’ It


How to describe this girl’s love for all things beach? Insane. It was love at first sight. I was prepared for her to like it, but I was not ready for the crazy. She was obsessed.

She was also fearless! PTL for floaties. They gave this worrying momma a little bit of comfort as she would run head strong into the biggest wave she could find.

The sand love was less intense, but still pretty major as long as she had her sand tools with her.

And as always, she immediately scoped out her surroundings for the best thing to climb.

Cousin Love

One day they will realize they are friends.

And Brother Bear was there too! He just wasn’t allowed outside.

Kidding. He went outside…once.

Cousin E was so so sweet to Little Brother, and Brother Bear loved it.

Cousin E loves to wave. Can’t get enough waving.

He is so darn cute.

This is right before my 2 year old dropped my 6 month old, and he face planted in the sand. Thanks, humidity, for making my attempt at a cousin pic a total loss.

There Were Adults on This Trip

Pretty Sistas.

Some of the dudes.

He loves uninterrupted eye contact.

They are real sweet to little EBug.

Oh, hey, Susu!

Ab is the best momma. She is totally on top of things and totally chill at the same time.

It’s ok, Bud.

Attempt at a 5:00pm photo shoot. Maybe not the best time?

I was supposed to run over and get in the pic. Obviously that didn’t go so great.

Better, but that darn humidity and the lens don’t mix.

After Rob and I sprinted in to dig sand out of my baby’s eyeballs, a few people took a few pics. Ev loves getting her picture taken.

The people who made this trip possible! Thank you, Susu and Pops.

Cute fam!

Pretty couple.

Moment of unity and fondness. Memorize this.

This series is just me and my girl.

I may stay on facebook (I’m so over it) just so this can be my profile pic.

Oh em gee. I love her.

I’ve been calling her “baby girl” alot recently. I think I don’t want her to be so big.

A birds eye view

Rob and I would take turns staying up in the condo with Brother Bear while he napped. When I was up with him, I would get my paparazzi lens and stalk the people on the beach.


Let’s go fly a kite.

One day the kids were taking a nap and Rob said, “I’m gonna go fly my kite.” I was all, “What about Ev? She’s asleep and she loves flying the kite!”

“Yeah, she’s not really fun to fly it with, because she just wants to hold on to the tail.”


The fam attempts to go to a restaurant

Hey little Crab Bottom, thank you for smiling for the camera!

They were there.

And they were there.

And of course, the munchkins.

Love of my life.

Want your toddler to be an awesome napper?

Take them to the beach and wear.them.out. We had an absolute b-last at the beach. One of the greatest highs in this life is watching your children be totally in awe and in love. She loved it.

We had such a wonderful trip! Highlight of the summer. I am so thankful that Husband-Daddy Man could go with us. It was an unforgettable time.

5 thoughts on “Beachin’ It

  1. I can hear the waves, feel the wet sand, and smell the sunscreen. Next best thing to being there. Amazing that you could all be together in such a fun place. Priceless photos of precious people.

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