Music Appreesh

I find that it is easy, as a parent, to infuse your child’s life with the things that you like. I have no problem handing my kids a book, a soccer ball, helping them climb a tree, etc. It is much more difficult to remember to expose them to things that I am not particularly interested in.

For example, beans. It has been heavy on my heart that my children should not be robbed of their choice to embrace or to shun the round, mushy proteins. So I am trying to incorporate them into our weekly meals.

Another area I am weak in is music. My least favorite classes at Auburn were Music Appreciation and Music for Elementary Ed. When I was required to plan and execute a music lesson for elementary students, you might as well have asked me to poke my eyeballs out with a pencil.

In high school I dated a boy who was super musical. Was in a band. And alway made me listen to the most obscure music this world has to offer. It was painful to feign interest, and equally or maybe even more painful to go listen to his band actually play. Needless to say, we didn’t last long.

But the point is: I’m just not musical. Give me a little Taylor Swift and let’s call it a day.

Actually my main point is this: I want my children to have lots of exposure to music and instruments and decide for themselves what hobbies and activities they want to pursue.

I recently stumbled upon a little “music lesson,” and it has inspired me to bring more of this type of thing into our routine. We checked out the book Yellow Umbrella from the library. I noticed it for its beautiful illustrations, but inside there was a cd to be played as you turn the pages.

The music that went with each page was pretty and fun. Each page had a different melody. It was super interesting to see that EBug knew just when to turn the page based on the change in tempo (?). I was impressed!

I am going to be keeping my eyes and ears open for more activities like this for her!

Oh and here is one more pic. An activity that I love and love to do with her!

Cooking. She loves to pull over her “step stoo” and climb up to help me with dinner. I found that making pizza was an especially fun and easy meal for her to help with!

Just had to watch out for this pre-meal snacking!

I can’t wait to see what her little passions in life are going to be.

2 thoughts on “Music Appreesh

  1. Love love love the pre-dinner snacking! 🙂 So adorable. Good for you for thinking outside your own box and comfort levels to let them evaluate what they like or don’t like! 🙂 Such sweetie pies!!! Love you bunches!

  2. There’s a clarinet in the closet just waiting to be spruced up and played. would also love to take to The Nutcracker like you and your sisses did.

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