Big Girl Bed Diaries

So about two months ago we moved little EBug into a BGB, a serious big girl bed. This has been one of those changes that makes me feel like life comes full circle. I can’t believe she’s not in a crib anymore.

We talked it up for a few weeks before actually making the switch. We got her really excited about the idea of the big girl bed (which was already in her room, so she could see it). Then we ordered a bed rail and told her that when it arrived she could make the move. She started asking to sleep with her “big girl pillow” in the days waiting for the rail. When the rail arrived, she was thrilled for Rob to get it put together. It was all she could talk about, and there was zero hesitancy about leaving the crib behind.

For the first couple weeks it was such a seamless transition. Things were going perfectly. I would put her in bed, she would stay and sleep and all was right with the world. I kept wondering why I had dreaded it and put it off for so long.

THEN came the fateful day when there was a face beside my bed in the middle of the night! What is my life?! Do I really have a kid old enough to silent ninja out of her bed and appear at my bedside, just staring!? Apparently, I do. Two seconds ago that was me at my parents’ bedside! That is what I mean by

It has been so interesting watching her navigate her new independence. Like I said it took her a couple weeks to realize she was no longer in a baby cage. Once she realized, she decided to test the waters. We began telling her that she needed to stay in bed, and if she needed something she had to call out for momma. So this is what I hear on the monitor regularly these days, “Momma, call out. Momma, call out,” whenever she wants me to come back in the room or get her up from her nap.

There have been a few times when we have had to discipline her for getting out of her bed without permission. Our game plan is to be clear about our expectations and to be consistent with our discipline when she disobeys. But for the most part, she is doing great with the new arrangement.

There have been a few times when I think she surprises herself and certainly me! The other night I was watching tv, and she had been in bed a couple hours, when I heard a little voice in the next room, “I’m downstairs.” How is she so silent with her escape! I have her monitor on at all times so that I can hear her turn that little knob.  But sure enough, there she was at the bottom of the stairs.

It’s definitely new parenting territory, but that seems to be the name of the game. Things are always changing.

4 thoughts on “Big Girl Bed Diaries

  1. I just read this post to Hunter and we are both dying laughing. Best phrase: “old enough to silent ninja out of her bed…..”

    She is such a big girl! So proud of her!
    I love reading about little daily life stuff like this–thank you for posting.

  2. Well, I hate to say it, but this was inevitable. She has this in her genes. I hope she comes and gets me the next time we’re all together.

  3. Austin and I just chuckled the whole way through that post picturing sweet girl silent ninja-ing out of her big girl bed in the night. Love that big girl!

  4. I love the Momma, call out and I’m downstairs lines!! Too funny. Yep those silly 2’s that can silent-ninja outta their beds… Sleep with one eye and ear open now! 🙂

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