The week that is: the worst week to ever need to go to the hospital

If I ever get really, really sick the first week of July, I am planning to just stay in my bed and gut it out. The hospital is no place to be when all those bright eyed, bushy-tailed interns show up for their first day in the trenches.

Poor Rob. He was so excited to not be an intern anymore. So excited and hopeful about his new supervising role and BAM! In come those interns. Poor souls have a bunch of head knowledge and zero idea what to do with it. Needless to say Rob has been working his tail off trying to keep patients alive.

Luckily, we here on the home front have had some help and company!

My cousin-in-law (is that a thing?), Rob’s cousin, Ginger has been here visiting for a few days! She is also a doctor, so she understood that she would only see the man of the house for a few hours during her visit.

But don’t worry, we provided plenty of “entertainment” for her. Brother Bear came down with a cold virus literally 1 hour before she walked in the door and was therefore not the best form of himself the WHOLE time she was here! It was actually the biggest blessing to have her help and expertise when it came to helping him feel better and keeping EBug occupied.

They painted some rocks.

And read some books! Lots of books. Ginger brought so many fun books and gifts when she came! She knew the way to EBug’s heart.

We even did some sparklers for the 4th! This was right before E touched the end of one and mildly burned her hand. That was the end of our patriotism. Now she mentions daily her dislike for them. “You don’t like spawk-las. Did they burn you?”

Here’s the sicky rat, himself. Living his sicky life in the bjorn. That thing has saved me the last few days. I’m not much of a baby wearer, but this is the only way he would stay calm and sometimes sleep. If I look greasy and sleep deprived, it is because I am greasy and sleep deprived.

He has perked up at times. He even ate a little rice cereal yesterday. In sister’s chair.

It is heartbreaking to have a sick baby. You just want so badly to help! He has been so congested and feverish, and that just makes it hard for him to sleep and get comfortable. I am thankful for these moments of relief when he gets a little break from the fever.

Thank you, Ginger, for coming to visit and helping us through these trying times!

3 thoughts on “The week that is: the worst week to ever need to go to the hospital

  1. That is so wonderful that Ginger was there!! I laughed out loud about Ev talking to herself about the sparklers. She is too cute. Also, tell brother bear to get out of E’s chair!! I want him to stay a little cuddly baby :(. He has the sweetest little face, even though he is a sicky rat!

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