Celebratory Hummus

Is that not the best looking hummus you’ve ever seen?! With pita bread AND french fries for dipping! Once every restaurant realizes that french fries can be incorporated into any meal, the world will be a better place.

We were celebrating last night. Celebrating the end of intern year!


I have so many thoughts on this grueling year. The first is that it has been brutal. Why did I ever think anything about Rob being in med school was hard? That is a mystery. A joke, really. I had no idea.

It is a fact that every member of our household has shed tears this year. Some more than others (I’m looking at you, Brother Bear), but I would say, in general, more tears than average for each of us.

The amount of hours that an intern works per week is insane. It’s double most people’s work week. Most nights we did not eat dinner together and forget weekends. If we got to go to church together it was usually because Rob had the night shift. The time between a clinic day (getting done at 6pm) and night call (going in at 8pm) the next day was considered a “day off.” This is laughable, because a person has to sleep sometime! Or do they? There was a time recently when Rob worked the entire night and most of the next day, came home, slept for 1 hour, and then got up so that he could spend time with the kids before they went to bed. One measly hour!! I would be a very very unpleasant person to be around had that been me.

The next thing that comes to mind when I think about this year is what a sweet year it has been. Yes, you read that correctly. It has been one of the sweetest years for our marriage, our children, and Rob’s career.

He loves the program. It’s a sink or swim mentality from what I gather. He has been given a ton of responsibility! This is unique to other medicine programs in the country. This program’s goal is to push you hard and make you better, and he has risen to the challenge. He has come to the end of this year knowing far far more than he did this time last year. He has continued to gain confidence and confirmation that this is the field for him.

Our marriage has matured this year too. As far as time together goes, we have not had quantity, but we’ve definitely had quality. Being together is just so fun. We certainly haven’t had the opportunity to get sick of each other! We just savor the hours/days that we do have together and try to do little things for each other when we are apart. I remember there was a long stretch where we wouldn’t see each other, and I just really wanted to tell him about my day, so I emailed him 🙂 It’s not ideal, but it works for now. And that’s not what every day is like. We for sure have days when we get to really hang out, catch up, watch Parks and Rec, etc.

Our children are no worse for the wear. They love their daddy to pieces. We do take advantage of every day off and go out and do something as a family. We have had so many fun experiences out in our city. When Rob is home he is a full participant in diapers, bath time, bed time, and his favorite, play time. He is way more fun than I am. He always makes E laugh and comes up with fun games for them to play. Brother Bear is fine with Rob’s schedule since he prefers his food-source-parent for the time being anyway, but he loves some daddy time too!

The most important thing I have to say about this year is this: God is so good. When we were weak, He was strong. His power becomes obvious when we can do nothing out of our own strength.

There were stretches this year when Rob would go 16 days without a day off. It was so hard for me to look at the calendar and see those stretches coming. Or be in the midst of one of them trying to just take one day at a time. I was reminded of the passage in Exodus when God gave His people manna from heaven. It struck me that God did not give them a month’s worth of manna or even a week’s worth. He gave them just enough each day. I felt like those people, having to trust God each day to give me what I needed. And a beautiful thing happened, He always did. And I knew it wasn’t me. I knew beyond any doubt that it was Him.

He has reigned down blessings this year. When we started things looked very bleak. I wondered why the Lord brought us here. I wondered if we would have three very very hard years. And I remember praying, this time last year, that if the Lord chose to take us through the valley that He would make me content and give me strength.

Instead He has given us so many good gifts. We have added another precious child to our family. We have a home we love, friends, a wonderful church, babysitters, parks, libraries, a good Target, and sushi options (the truly important stuff).

Things are going to be a little different, but not so different, this upcoming year. Rob keeps telling me the schedule will be better. I keep saying, “We’ll see.” If there is one thing I’ve learned, it’s that having expectations is not a good idea. When we are done with the whole, entire residency, that’s when I will really party. There will be dancing in the streets. But until then, I’m gonna keep trusting the Lord for my manna and thanking Him for faithfully growing our family despite the challenges we have in this phase.

7 thoughts on “Celebratory Hummus

  1. Allison, such a beautiful post . You are a wonderful writer . I know you and Emily certainly know the trials and tribulations from this past year . I hope Emilys new sister in law is up for this challenge and can handle it like you girls did. She will benefit from your wisdom . Job well done !!

  2. Hallelujah! Intern year = check! Great post, Al, and encouraging reflections. One day at a time, right? Congrats to you and Rob for finishing the first year! Hope to see you again sometime soon.

  3. Loved the little master gardener, anything with Dad, little toes, the readers, and oh yes, all the rest too! Such a sweet family.

  4. Awesome post! I will need to look at this often when Garrett is working and remember to thank God for my daily manna. Thanks for the encouraging outlook. Congratulations on finishing a tough year!

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