When summer is just like the rest of the year

“How’s your summer going?” It’s a fair question. I find myself asking people the very thing.

It’s weird though. Our summer is exactly like the rest of the year. Rob is insanely busy, and we are home doing our thing.

My kids aren’t old enough for VBS or summer camp. We didn’t end up joining the pool (mistake!), and so literally our weeks look exactly like they always do. This is hard in some ways. I miss summer break. I miss weekends. I miss some sort of change in routine.

But we are hanging in there. And thankfully I get to spend my days with the two sweetest Bugs that ever existed.

Here they are “reading.” Melt my heart into a little puddle on the floor. They did this for quite a substantial amount of time. I was able to make dinner uninterrupted!

I have noticed a big change in EBug recently in regards to independent play. She can entertain herself really well now. I don’t know if it’s her age or the arrival of Brother, but I am excited to see/hear her little imagination developing.

I recently heard her walking around saying this prayer:

“Dear God, thank you for this day.Thank you for all the people that mommy has. Thank you for all the presents we have and George.”

And tonight in the tub she was talking to her toy turtle saying, “Go to sleep, turtle. Don’t get out of bed. You can call out. I miss you while you sleepin.” (Wonder where she heard all that)

Then there’s this guy! My little snuggle Bug. He’s in the stage where he has started talking to himself a little before he goes to sleep for naps or bedtime. And sometimes he will even talk to himself for a bit when he wakes up. Before he starts raging.

He loves his little toe toes. He’s learning to sit up. He’s eating anything I will give him. he’s growing up 🙂

I love my little people.

4 thoughts on “When summer is just like the rest of the year

  1. I love your little people too! E says the SWEETEST things! I’m so glad you have a blog and that you record the sweet things she says. What a sweet prayer!

  2. I’m with Steph…Ev and her sweet little words. Precious, precious girl. And W is getting so big! Wish we lived closer together, but I am glad someone gets to enjoy some cooler weather! Miss you and your crew.

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