70 degrees makes life worth living

Truth: Jesus’ work on the cross is what makes life worth living. But 70 degree weather doesn’t hurt.

(Shield your eyes, Steph) We love living up here! We have noticed so many cool things about this part of the country. The weather is one of them. Who knew June was such an enjoyable month? I keep seeing people in the south posting pictures of 104 degree temps on facebook. Not jealous.

Next, we have the Toddler Fair. Does everywhere have toddler fairs? Maybe so, but it sure was cute. Best part-kids over 4 not allowed.

Rob was able to meet us there from work. He got done early. True miracle. And he brought me that salad pictured above. He’s been keeping secrets from me. Apparently there is an awesome salad place at the hospital. Now I know, people. Now I know.

We are so happy after the awesome salad. Little man benefits too.

The sandbox was a huge attraction. Who needs pony rides and bouncy houses when there is sand to be shoveled?

No, thanks to the bouncy house.

Pony ride- loved it.

Cute little animal area. EBug loved the bunnies. Probably reminded her of George and the bunnies. Her obsession.

We do still have mosquitos up here. Baby girl has gotten eaten up the last few days. I feel so bad for her. I dread if she ever gets stung by something. There might be tears. My tears.

That’s all from the toddler fair. It’s been so fun to be out and about more now that Brother Bear’s waketime is longer than 5 minutes. We were away from the house for 2 whole hours. So refreshing!

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